Crystal Stone Necklaces

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Check out beautiful crystal energy healing that you can wear!

✨A note on selecting crystal healing items✨

When choosing a crystal item, there is no right way of going about it. Some ways that help are:

✨You can set an intention to bring in a specific energy to your life and purchase a piece that supports that (we have added descriptions below of meanings and themes for every featured crystal)


✨You can practice choosing intuitively and pick out a piece that calls out to you.

Regardless of how you choose, remember you are divinely guided, Trust your Intuition!!✨

Amethyst: Peace ~ Intuition ~ Spirituality

Black Tourmaline: Protection ~ Cleansing ~ Grounding

Citrine: Manifestation ~ Joy ~ Light

Lapiz Lazuli: Confidence ~ Inner Wisdom ~ Truth

Luna & Blue Kyanite: High Vibration ~ Aligns and Clears Chakras ~ Communication  

Malachite: Transformation ~ Love ~ Abundance

Opalite: Communication ~ Spirituality ~ Transitions

Rose Quartz: Self-Love ~ Compassion ~ Forgiveness

Strawberry Quartz: Inner Strength ~ Universal Love ~ Openness

Necklaces come in adjustable black chain with the exception of the Luna & Blue Kyanite which comes in a stainless steel chain.

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