Activating your Affirmation Candles

Activation 101

Affirmation candles were created with powerful intentions and magic. However, they must be activated with your own personal intentions, magic, and power.

The goal of these candles is to help connect you to your intuition, as you are the expert of your own experience and everything you need is within you. We often are taught to not trust ourselves and to go outside of ourselves for healing, love, and validation. No matter where you are in your journey, we acknowledge that it may be difficult to connect with your inner guidance and we hope that this will be a tool to connect us to our intuition and to our healing power.

For this reason, we are providing a step-by-step activation guide that you can do every time before you light your candle. This is meant to be a guide and we encourage you to make it your own and let your intuition and inner knowing guide you. 

Step 1: Take a deep breath, Inhale, hold, and release. Repeat 2 more times.

Step 2: Before lighting, you’ll want to take a moment to connect with your intuition and determine an intention and affirmation behind your decision to light your candle. Each candle has a theme and an accompanying intention and affirmation that can be used as a reference, however, as you continue to trust your intuition, your intentions and affirmations will be revealed to you based on what you need on any given moment. 

 Step 3: State your intention and affirmation out loud. (You can say them in your mind, however, we encourage you to state them out loud to align yourself to the vibration of your words). Simple words from your heart work best.

 Step 4: When you snuff your candle, practice gratitude and thank the candle for the magic and healing it provided. 

A Note on Intentions and Affirmations

Simply put, intentions are a mental state that represents a commitment to carrying out an action. An affirmation is a declaration that something is true. 

Example: My intention is to cultivate self-love. My affirmation is "I deserve love". 

The following are accompanying intentions and affirmations for each candle. We have also included a sample activation template below. 

Intentions & Affirmations

I am Love

Intention: Bring unconditional love

Affirmation: I deserve love, I am worthy and choose myself, My love is beautiful, I am love

I am Magic

Intention: To connect me to my ability to heal myself and others and to my magic

Affirmation: I am enough as is, I honor my wisdom in my mind, body, and spirit, I am divinely guided and protected, I am Magic.

I am Joy

Intention: To connect to joy and happiness

Affirmation: I deserve to be happy, the universe supports me and my dreams, joy and happiness runs through me constantly, I am joy

I am Radiant

Intention: To connect to inner light and personal power

Affirmation: I radiate love and light, I am powerful, Life is happening for me, I am radiant

Sample Activation

I call in energy, love, and light that serves me in my highest good to [insert intention]. Help me let go of any energy and thoughts that no longer serve me or my highest purpose. [Insert affirmation].

And so it is.