Our Founders Story - Dr. Patty Cihuacoatl Ramirez

"I tend to say that I was born fighting for my life and I have not stopped since. I am Xicana Salvadoran Indigena from El Sereno, North East Los Angeles, California. I have been in the social justice movement since I was a teenager and in the immigrant rights and social work field for over a decade.

My healing journey has been an ongoing journey. I experienced complex trauma including sexual assault, loss, and abuse. This fueled my desire to work with communities impacted by trauma. I worked with immigrant victims of crime, unaccompanied children, and asylum seekers and eventually I burned out. Not just because of the heaviness of the work, or the ways in the trauma and harm is replicated in organizations and social justice movements, but also because of the wounds and trauma that I carry. 

After a miscarriage, depression, failed friendships and relationships, I realized that my sense of self worth and self love was practically gone. I had made achieving success the only measure of my worth and I was exhausted and constantly in survival mode. I came to the realization that if I was to get to a place of sustainability I needed to start healing.

After attempts at therapy, endless trainings, and workshops, that were supposed to give me the tools and various approaches to healing I realized that I needed to stop outsourcing my healing and begin to trust myself and my medicine. I began the process of unlearning and remembering my intuitive power and ancestral medicine. I started to work on building my intuition by working with spiritual tools such as divination, candle work, and energy self- healing. I started making candles for myself and when the global health pandemic began, I began to gift these as an act of community care to my loved ones. Friends started to ask if I can make them items for their loved ones and if they can purchase them off of me.

Wild Luna Botanicals was birthed shortly after and I officially launched in June 10th, 2020. The same day of my father's birthday (a day filled with grief due to him being murdered in 2018). I have a habit of birthing new things in the midst of death. 

Wild Luna Botanicals was born out of love and passion for creating high vibrational handmade healing products that help others connect to radical self love, their magic and power. These products are made to be tools for self-care, community care, and collective healing.

Two months later, I found mi maestra. I began to learn under mi Maestra Cuatli Cihuatl (Maestra CC), and her kalpulli, Kalpulli Teocalli Ollin, and began to work with indigenous wisdom and teachings of Abuelita Casimira Rocha. Maestra CC recognized the magic of my candles and that each affirmation corresponded with one of the sacred directions.

My journey also consisted of beginning the process of unearthing and remembering the practices that my lineage carries that were lost be it through colonization, migration, assimilation.

In June 2021, I was given my mexika name Cihuacoatl by Maestra CC.

In December 2021, we suffered the loss of Maestra CC who had been battling Stage 4 Cancer, her 4th and last bout of cancer. I honor her teachings by continuing to walk my path in a good way and by honoring my truth, embracing myself, loving myself, and releasing the mitote, self-limiting beliefs.

My hope is that my creations and items will empower others to connect to their intuition, to acknowledge and embrace themselves but most importantly to stand in their self love, their truth, their power, and their medicina. Welcome to your Healing Journey!"

All products are handmade with intentions, affirmations, ancestral healing, and brujita magic.