Affirmations Collection

Elevate Your Vibration


This collection of handcrafted and handmade items that are made with respect, gratitude, and reverance to sacred herbs and ingredients that bring healing, love, and light. Our goal is to help others connect to their own magic and healing power.

Each affirmation item is created intuitively with intentions and affirmations that are meant to bring self-care and collective healing. 


The candles must be activated with your own magic, intentions, and affirmations. The candles include an accompanying intention and affirmation that can be activated every time you turn on your candle.  

    1. Before lighting, you’ll want to ground yourself in the intention behind your candle.
    2. Begin by stating an intention and an affirmation aloud (you may also do this in your mind). Speaking it is important as this helps align yourself to a vibrational frequency.
    3. Light your candle, take a deep breath, and imagine yourself embodying these intentions and affirmations.
    4. Remember, you are loved, you are joy, you are radiant, and YOU ARE MAGIC!

Please check out our page Activating your Affirmation Candles for more information including a sample activation template.